In Which I Start Another Business as a Result of Too Much Caffeine

A Barefoot Gal

Hey hey hey!

I’m back with another business! If you remember the “Megan started a business after she had too much caffeine” line, it’s probably because you’re thinking of Penelope Feather.

But yes, it’s true. I had too much caffeine a couple of weeks ago. I came up with a business idea. Four hours later I had gone through a brainstorming session with my friend Clara, worked on branding and other graphic design, and formed a whole business plan.

Coffee is a wonderful thing!

This business is a little more than a business though, and I’m super excited about it. It’s really a whole project dedicated to supporting artists and creatives through the form of a magazine made to be used, not just looked at.

Cut + Paste will be an art, design, and photography magazine filled with media to inspire its “readers”. Only there won’t really be anything…

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