I Tried Boba Tea!


Yes, I know it isn’t my normal posting day, but I think I’m just gonna be posting whenever I feel like it from now on.

I’ll try to post at LEAST once a month!

Anyways, onto the actual post.

So yes.

I tried Boba Tea sometime last week.

Umm that’s what it looked like.

And it was pretty good, but I doubt I’ll drink it again.

It was caramel flavoured in case you were wondering.

But WHY I don’t want to drink it again is…

The bubbles or boba. (whatever you want to call it)

I found it weird to be drinking one second, and then the next second I’m chewing on a squishy tapioca pearl.

Like, I like eating those things in tapioca pudding, but when it’s in a drink it’s just meh.

Also, there was a weird flavour I couldn’t quite put my finger on…

It was probably the tea.

(It was about six Canadian dollars if you were wondering.)

But if you like that sort of thing then you’ll love this drink.

I’ll just stick with my frappuccinos and iced coffee.

So I forgot to do it the other day….

But! Here are the photos from my horseback riding lessons!

Sorry for how bad my blotting out looks! 😅
It was pretty cold so that’s why I have two sweaters on…
Me with Atreyu the horse I rode.


That’s all for today folks.

See you whenever I post again!



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