Random Update On Life #2

Hello my lovely followers!

Yes, I know. It’s not my normal posting day.

But I just wanted to post today, and my blog my rules sooooooooooooo….


Update #1

School started again yesterday, and TBH I’m kinda glad…

It was getting boring not having school work to do every day…

I find it sad how my life has become so boring that I look forward to doing school…

Update #2

I have recently come down with some sort of cold or something.

I tested for COVID and it came back negative, so yay!

IDK what I have, but it’s annoying.

I’m pretty sure I got it cuz I may or may not have stayed up for 24 hours, and that totally didn’t make my immune system suck even more…..

Ahem. Moving on!

Update #3

My siblings and I started watching The Book Of Boba Fett on Disney+!!!!

It is amazing!!!

Sadly, there are only 2 episodes so far.

I will have to talk about it in another post after it’s finished coming out. (One episode comes out every Wednesday)

Update #4

We (my siblings and I) also watched two other shows this month!

We watched Falcon And The Winter Soldier, and Loki. Both of which can be found on Disney+.

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier - Wikipedia

It was an amazing show, I loved it and the story was great!

Seeing Bucky and Sam go from dudes who don’t really like each other to friends was really fun to see.

I loved how we got to see more of the two, I thought that I’d have to wait for a movie to see them again, but thankfully I was wrong!

The series is really well done and my dudes did a great job acting!

I’m pretty sure there’s not gonna be another season to it… But it makes sense cuz everything got wrapped up pretty well.

Just wanted to add that I totally ship Bucky with Sarah Wilson.

Loki (TV series) - Wikipedia

Oh my gosh, this show was just so great.

At first, I didn’t like the show. I thought it was really boring, and TBH it was.

For the first 3 episodes anyway.

But then it got awesome.

So awesome.

But the thing I liked the most about it was…

The fact that (SPOILER ALERT) Loki gets a girlfriend.

And when I tell you I have never been so emotionally invested in a ship, I’m not lying.

I felt like crying when (SPOILER) it all fell apart, and the night after watching some episodes I lay in bed feeling so broken. Andddd after every episode when anything happens to their relationship, I’m shock and have to spend a few minutes collecting myself.

Not making any of this up or dramatizing anything. It’s 100% true.

They are just so perfect for each other!

Marvel's Loki series needed more time to develop - Polygon



I’ll have to dive deeper into both The Falcon And The Winter Soldier, and Loki in another post.

Final update

I just wanted to say, I’ve been living off mug cakes for the past few days.

It’s not that we don’t have any good food in my house.

It’s just that, whenever I eat anything else, it always makes me feel weird and sick all over again.

It’s probably something to do with my weird cold/flu/whatever the heck I have.

And speaking of mug cakes, I think I’m gonna go make one right now!

Thanks so much for reading!

I’ll see ya’ll whenever I post again!!


P.S. FYI, the mug cakes I eat are at least 500 calories each, and I eat quite a few each day plus snacks.

So do not worry, I am getting enough food to eat and I’m not wasting away. 🙂


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