Random Post on Alan Walker’s Music

Mr. Alan Walker himself.

Hi y’all 🤠

So as almost none of you know, Alan Walker is at the moment my favourite artist on Spotify.

Here’s a quick about to those of you who don’t know who he is.

Alan Walker’s a DJ dude, he makes cool music. Some just music, other songs have lyrics.

His most popular song on Spotify is Faded. It’s really good.

He’s 24 year-old or something like that, and started his musical career when he was a teenager or something. I’m not sure, I don’t stalk him so I wouldn’t know. 🤷‍♀️

So there’s a brief thing on him. I’ll be talking about some random songs of his.

So grab your popcorn, 🍿 cuz this is gonna be kinda long.

Alan Walker, K-391 & Boy In Space – Paradise Lyrics | Genius Lyrics
Song cover of Paradise.

Even if it all went down in flames

We can live to fight another day

Let go and close your eyes

And just remember paradise

Lyrics from Paradise by Alan Walker

Song #1: Paradise by Alan Walker, K-391, and Boys in Space

My thoughts on it: It’s right now my favourite song for many reasons.

  1. Awesome music
  2. Cool lyrics
  3. Not weird

The person who sings it actually sounds good, unlike some singers in other songs.

Mr. Walker is pretty good at finding good singers for his songs.

On My Way (with Sabrina Carpenter & Farruko) - RCA Records
Song cover of On My Way.

No, nobody but me can keep me safe

And I’m on my way

Lyrics from On My Way by Alan Walker

Song #2: On My Way by Alan Walker, Sabrina Carpenter, and Farruko.

My thoughts on it: I think out of almost all of Alan Walker’s music, this one sounds the coolest. It has some really cool flute sounding thing in the background at one part.

There is one swear, b***h. But the lady who sings it goes over the word pretty fast so you can hardly notice it.

One part is in Spanish(?) or some other language, I Google Translated it (don’t know how accurate it is) but it’s not bad.

Screenshot of the lyrics in another language.

It sounds really good though.

Alan Walker – Sing Me to Sleep Lyrics | Genius Lyrics
Album cover for Different World, the album Sing Me to Sleep is from.

Yesterday got away

Melodies stuck inside your head

Lyrics from Sing Me To Sleep by Alan Walker

Song #3: Sing Me To Sleep by Alan Walker

My thoughts on it: Really nice beats, cool singing. I have no idea who sung it though, it doesn’t say. But whoever did, did a really good job.

I like it, it’s not my favourite, but it’s top 10.

Great White DJ: Alan Walker's Faded Gets the Royal Remix Treatment
It’s not the official album cover for Faded, but the other pictures were too small, and if I enlarged them, they got really fuzzy.

You were the shadow to my light

Did you feel us?

Another star

You fade away

Afraid our aim is out of sight

Wanna see us


Lyrics from Faded by Alan Walker

Song #4: Faded by Alan Walker

My thoughts on it: You can’t talk about Alan Walke without mentioning Faded, it’s Alan Walker’s most popular song on both Spotify and Youtube, it has 3.1 billion views on Youtube and over 100 million views on Spotify. (WOW)

It’s one of my personal favourites, I love the music for it, and the lyrics are good. I’ve listened to it so many times I’m pretty sure I have them memorized.

It makes sense why it’s Alan Walker’s most listened-to song. It’s super good!

Same with Sing Me To Sleep, it doesn’t say who sang it. But whoever did sounds good.

I highly recommend listening to Alan Walker’s music. It’s very good. I linked the songs, so just click the titles, and it’ll take you to Youtube.

Well, that’s all for today, I hope I didn’t bore you to death. 😀

Thanks for reading!

~Amelia 🦩


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